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In the spring of 2013, Swatch interpreted the classic traditional styles in a new way, allowing classic originals, metal series Irony, ultra-thin Skin and TOUCH series to convey dynamic, vibrant and people Love the extraordinary charm.
The new season of the watch boldly combines stainless steel, aluminum, silicone, leather and other materials creatively, the unique concept is surprising. Swatch has a bit of a rocky fashion scent, and the tannins material inspired by street culture has been used on some watches breakthroughly, once again leading the trend of fashion watches. Combining modern design and accurate taste, the new Swatch Spring 2013 watch series shines on all occasions with its ever-changing charm.

Opportunities are as colorful as they are fleeting. This season, each ‘random phantom’ will be unique; everyone will also encounter an unparalleled new self. This new classic and original series ‘Easy Phantom’ watch perfectly presents the inspiration of style design, cool and reappears the extraordinary charm of Swatch’s classic ‘core original’. The transparent dial gives a unique futuristic to the colorful and complex structure of the movement. The colorful watch movement components are freely combined in a casual style, making each watch the ‘only’ for the wearer.
Time is running out, each ‘random phantom’ is like a wrist wine constantly exuding a personality fragrance. In response to the prayers of the spring elves, it dazzles a new space and time.
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: Transparent movement dial composed of random multi-color movement components
Case: transparent hard plastic case
Strap: transparent hard plastic strap

Spring is here, please open up all your senses and explore the new world in a whole new way. Pick up the phone and invite friends to go outdoors to breathe the unique breath of spring. A well-dressed lineman, of course, can not lack this mature and intelligent ‘Blue Rebirth’ watch.
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: Sun-brushed blue dial with black scale
Case: black matte hard plastic case
Strap: Adjustable blue-plated polished stainless steel 316L strap

GW163 Yacht Holiday BOAT TRIP
The energetic ocean makes itself move with the rhythm of dynamic colors. Orange symbolizes a positive, enthusiastic and proactive attitude at all times; blue represents peace of mind, openness, and determination to be ready to face challenges. White foreshadowing your freedom to write a new page of your history. This is a voyage indulging in color and a positive journey in thought.
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: blue dial with orange scale
Case: white hard plastic case
Strap: white hard silicone strap with blue ring and buckle

Updated: 11. March 2021 — 6:35
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