The Chinese Men’s Team At The World Championships In Gymnastics Reversed To Win Six Consecutive Championships

[October 7, 2014, Nanning, China] On October 7, the forty-fifth World Gymnastics Championship launched the first final day competition in Nanning, Guangxi. Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker The watch is honored as the official timekeeper and designated watch of the event. In the competition of the most competitive men’s team, the elegant ambassador of Longines, the Chinese men’s gymnastics team, performed a shocking reversal at the last moment. Under the unfavorable situation of backwardness, it withstood tremendous pressure and continued to play steadily. Zhang Chenglong, who made his last appearance in the horizontal bar, conquered the audience with a nearly perfect performance, surpassed the Japanese team by 0.1 points to win the gold medal, and continued to write the six-time bright legend of the Chinese men’s team in the Gymnastics World Championships! Longines has once again witnessed the gymnastic athletes of the Chinese men’s team ascending to the top of the championship, sharing the glorious glory that they have accumulated with time, and writing an elegant chapter with perseverance.

¬†¬†Since 1998, the Chinese men’s gymnastics team has been a member of the elegant ambassador family of Longines. Their chic and precise movements and beautiful and robust posture perfectly fit Longines’ pursuit of pure watchmaking tradition and classic elegant attitude. The Chinese men’s gymnastics team has won the men’s team championships in the 2000, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, and has won five consecutive championships in the men’s team competition in the World Gymnastics Championships. In this competition, the historic Nanning ancient city gloriously witnessed that this division of the king once again continued its impressive record and realized the wonderful legend of the undefeated division.

Figure 1-2 Junior Lin Chaopan and Deng Shudi have performed well in pommel horse and vault horse competitions.

Figure 3 Time achieves glory, elegance comes from persistence. Longines has once again witnessed the gymnastic athletes of the Chinese men’s team ascending to the top of the championship.
(Chinese men’s gymnastics team from left to right: Zhang Chenglong, Lin Chaopan, Deng Shudi, Cheng Ran, You Hao, Liu Rongbing, Liu Yang)