The Patek Philippe Nautilus Series And Aquanaut Series Combine Elegant And Sophisticated Style With Casual Elegance

Patek Philippe launched the first Nautilus perpetual calendar watch and the first Aquanaut chronograph watch, further enhancing the charm of two classic sports watch series. Also on display is the newly patented folding clasp, equipped with more sophisticated safety devices.

 Patek Philippe’s Nautilus and Aquanaut series occupy a position that cannot be ignored in the field of casual elegant watches. The Nautilus series was born in 1976. The octagonal bezel is derived from the shape of a porthole. Subsequent versions of men’s and women’s watches are equipped with a variety of complex features, including an automatic winding chronograph, a second time zone and a patented annual calendar device. The Aquanaut collection was born in 1997 and is a model of modern casual fashion. The collection is young, modern and unique, and it was a great success once launched. Like the Nautilus series, the Aquanaut series includes both women’s watches (Aquanaut Luce with diamond bezel) and men’s watches. Among them, models with exclusive travel time devices are extremely simple and clear. The way to display the time in the second time zone.
Ref. 5740 / 1G-001 Nautilus Perpetual Calendar Watch The first super-complex watch in the Nautilus collection

 Patek Philippe launches the first super-complex watch in the Nautilus collection, featuring Patek Philippe’s most popular classic analogue perpetual calendar since 1985. This watch cleverly combines casual sports style, sophisticated technology, rugged reliability and high-end watchmaking technology. The 18K white gold case is restrained and elegant. The practical calendar device can automatically recognize the number of days in each month, even those that appear only in leap years. February 29.

 This watch uses the famous Caliber 240 ultra-thin self-winding movement, embedded 22K gold mini-disc and extremely slim perpetual calendar module. It is equipped with a case with a thickness of only 8.32 mm and is waterproof to 60 meters. It looks extremely slim . This is the thinnest perpetual calendar watch ever made by Patek Philippe. With the sapphire crystal caseback, you can admire the intricate structure and fine workmanship of the movement, including the splint with chamfered polished edges and the Calatrava doji pattern carved on the winding automatic plate.

 The vertical satin matte contrasts with polished chamfers, highlighting the iconic design of the bezel. The dial is decorated with the iconic horizontal cross-relief pattern of the Nautilus men’s watch and the same blue sunburst pattern as the 40th anniversary of the 2016 Nautilus series. The case design inspired by portholes is the hallmark of this watch. This model has been improved with wider hour and minute hands and a three-dimensional platinum hour marker with fluorescent coating, so the time can be read clearly day and night. The analog perpetual calendar uses three auxiliary dials (the week and 24-hour dials are at 9 o’clock, the month and leap year cycles are at 3 o’clock, and the date and moon phases are at 6 o’clock) arranged in a harmonious and orderly manner on the round octagonal dial. Delicate details: the date auxiliary dial (the most important calendar display function) is slightly larger than the other two auxiliary dials. The 24-hour display simplifies calendar settings. The moon phase display is extremely accurate: every 122 years the moon phase device will differ from the actual moon position by 1 day.

 Perpetual calendar adjustment (weekly adjustment is at 9 o’clock, date adjustment is between 11 and 12 o’clock, moon phase adjustment is at 6 o’clock), the position is very unique, equipped with clever deflection system, and Nautilus series The case design of the watch is perfectly integrated.

 The white gold bracelet is also perfectly connected to the case, echoing the exquisite craftsmanship of the lugs and bezels. The frosted horizontal links and the polished central links are arranged in order. To improve wearing comfort, Patek Philippe has adopted a newly patented folding clasp. This buckle has 4 independent latches to optimize opening and closing operations and prevent accidental release of both parts of the buckle.
Ref. 5968A-001 Aquanaut Chronograph First Aquanaut Chronograph

 The Aquanaut series is the representative of modern sports fashion. Patek Philippe introduced the first chronograph watch for this series this year. This is a complication watch that fits well with the youthful personality of this watch series. In order to meet the needs of different occasions in sports life, Patek Philippe has equipped the new Ref. 5968A-001 watch with a CH 28-520 C Caliber self-winding flyback chronograph movement, which perfectly integrates tradition and innovation. The watch combines classic star wheel control with modern vertical clutches, the latter of which prevents the hands from bouncing or rebounding when the chronograph function is activated. Because the clutch hardly causes friction, the center chronograph second hand can also be used as a continuously rotating center second hand, eliminating the need for a small seconds dial. The flyback function can start a new timing directly when the chronograph hands rotate, without resetting. With the stop-second function, the chronograph second hand is instantly transformed into a continuous second hand, which is convenient for synchronizing the watch with the time signal.

 This new Ref. 5968A-001 stainless steel watch has a unique and exquisite appearance, combining the chronograph function with the exclusive design of the Aquanaut series. The 60-minute cumulative timer at 6 o’clock uses the classic outline of a rounded octagonal bezel. The slender buttons are on both sides of the crown protector for harmony and nature. The chronograph display (chronograph hands, outer-quarter orbital scale accurate to a quarter second, 60-minute cumulative timer) with orange markings contrasts with the black dial with the embossed decorative pattern of the Aquanaut series. Platinum three-dimensional Arabic numerals and widened rod-shaped hands are coated with fluorescent coating to ensure legibility.

 Thanks to the screw-in crown, the case is water-resistant to 120 meters. The front and sides of the case are exquisitely matte and sparkle like the smooth and shiny chamfered polished bezel.

 The composite material strap is like a dial, with an embossed decorative pattern. It fits the wrist, is comfortable and durable, and can resist the erosion of sea water and ultraviolet rays. Patek Philippe specially paired this watch with two straps: a standard black strap and an orange strap that highlights the novel design of the dial.

 Patek Philippe equips the new Ref. 5968A-001 watch with a new folding clasp to ensure ease of use.

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