Tibetan Painting Is Not As Good As A Tibetan Watch Enamel Painted Watch Recommended

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s outstanding watchmaking technology series q1642430 men’s mechanical movement watch

积 Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the few watch factories in the world that has mastered enamel micro-painting technology. This process requires enamel to combine painting and metallurgy. It took Jaeger-LeCoultre several years to reproduce the micro-painting for the first time on a Reverso watch. Its artistic value benefits from the patience of the master craftsman. Today, the three enamelists at the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory have mastered all the traditional techniques: flame enamel, enamel carving, translucent and filigree enamel. Slightly tilt the enamel micro-painting and place it under the light source, you can see rich color changes, showing unique visual effects and stunning details.
Reference price: ¥ 2770000
Series: Excellent Watchmaking Craft Series, Men’s Watch
Movement: mechanical movement
Case: K gold
Size: 44.0mm
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Band: Leather
Oujiang Shidanton-Master Series 33222 / 000R-9506 Men’s Mechanical Watch

The theme of Vacheron Constantin’s dill watch is longevity. To express this theme, Vacheron Constantin and Xiang Yan carefully selected three groups of plants and animals, including pine, bamboo, plum and crane, bird and warbler, to draw the dial and bottom . Among them, the combination of pine trees and white cranes is reminiscent of years of experience.

Reference price: ¥ 2793000
Series: Metiers Dart Master Series, Men’s Watch
Movement: manual mechanical watch, model: Cal.1003 SQ
Case: 18k rose gold
Size: 40mm, thickness: 7.5mm
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Dial: Hollow, through window, through bottom
Band: Alligator Leather
Waterproof: 30 meters

Piaget Altiplano G0A34240 ladies mechanical movement watch

Al The Altiplano series, first created in 1998, is reminiscent of its birthplace and design features. Every Piaget ultra-thin watch is produced in accordance with specific design rules. Simple design and elegant temperament are two indispensable characteristics of Piaget Altiplano series.
Reference price: ¥ 275970
Series: ALTIPLANO series, women’s watch
Movement: mechanical movement, model: 430P
Case: K gold
Size: 38.0mm, thickness: 2.1 mm
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Dial: round, white
Band: Fabric
Waterproof: 30 meters

Cartier-Turtle series HPI00516 ladies mechanical watch

地 Cartier launched the Tortue series of watches for women in 1912, with beautiful arc curves and elegant dial designs. In 1928, Cartier launched the first Tortue series men’s watch. Obviously, the elegant arc shape is also attractive to men. Blended with high-end watchmaking techniques and described by Cartier’s iconic words, this watch shows the femininity of women.

Reference price: ¥ 750000
Series: Turtle series, female watch
Movement: mechanical movement, model: 430MC
Case: 18k white gold with diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds
Size: 38 * 43mm, thickness: 11mm
Crown: 18k white gold, octagonal crown, set with a diamond
Table glass: Sapphire crystal
Dial: Pattern
Strap: crocodile leather, pink
Waterproof: 30 meters

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