What You Don’t Know The Current Situation And Future Of Watch And Clock Sales

In general, consumers who send watches for after-sales maintenance always want to get them back as soon as possible, watchmakers are constantly striving to make progress, but they still face time problems: fast service seems to Never appears. What is the reason for this, and listen to me slowly.

   As an organic whole, the watch industry has become increasingly transparent. However, for end consumers, after-sales service is still a somewhat vague area. They send the watch, repair it by the manufacturer, and then return it to them within different time limits. So how did the story evolve when the retailer’s shutters fell?

Watches, repairs and addresses

   This is the first step in determining where the after sales service will take place. Depending on whether the watch is a fine watch or a mass market product, different answers will lead in two opposite directions. If it is the former, it means that it will be sent back to the watchmaking workshop, where the craftsmen will repair it with professional skills. Depending on the starting location, the time between the watch and the road is between four and eight days.

   Considering the complex logistics conditions in some countries and regions, this process may take more time. Experts mention the example of Russia, where retailers are struggling to find ways to shorten delivery times. “One possible solution for customers in this country is to get in sync with his travel schedule,” said Hautlence CEO Guillaume Tetu. “For example, he travels in Geneva, Paris or Miami to deliver watches to local sales. Point, and the point of sale then sends it back to Switzerland so we can arrange for the repaired watch to be mailed to the customer’s next national capital. ”

Hautlence CEO Guillaume Tetu

   Kurt Kupper, the CEO of Royal Jazz, certainly hopes that this option is also available. He said: ‘Fortunately, our music box products can ensure normal singing over the years, and there is almost no after-sales service trouble. But how can such things happen, such as accident Dropped, or damaged without effective protection during house demolition, we sometimes have to send professionals to repair. This method naturally takes less time, but if the repair service is not covered by the guarantee, then the corresponding cost will naturally be. …..

   Finally, there is another solution that can minimize the time spent on after-sales service: that is, for those unsold products (some have not been wound for a long time, and some are displayed in the window exposed to ultraviolet light), the retailer Perform regular maintenance. In this regard, De Bethune is a notable example. The CEO of the brand, Pierre Jacques, said: ‘De Bethune will require our retail outlets to overhaul our products every six months. If not, the brand will undertake the complete overhaul of the product itself. And costs to ensure that the watches purchased by end consumers work perfectly. ‘
De Bethune CEO Pierre Jacques at the 2014 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards

Clocks, movements and replacements (in some specific cases)
   After-sales service for high-volume brand watches is not always so complicated. According to Pierre Maret, Head of TAG Heuer Customer Service, ‘In certain specific situations (when the watch is malfunctioning or requires maintenance), considering the nature of the specific repair environment, We sometimes choose to directly replace a new movement. ‘For consumers, this can be said to be an additional benefit, they will benefit from it, watches with a new movement are just like new, super fast speed And longer life.

   However, this simple replacement of the movement is not always feasible, especially when facing some antique timepieces. Pierre Maret went on to explain: ‘There is a difficulty in this issue, which is the definition of the concept of ‘vintage’, but we are working hard. For now, we classify the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s as’ The Year of Antiques’, works from the late 1980s and early 1990s still need to be carefully distinguished. ‘

   The maintenance of antique watches depends on the specific situation, and then the entire after-sales service becomes a problem of another nature-it is no longer how long it takes to repair, but whether it can be repaired. Pierre Maret summed up the situation by saying: ‘We do our best to consider for consumers, but at the same time TAG Heuer is controlled by different shareholders, and it will be difficult to achieve emotional value and company financial balance. However, in the near future, We will try to repair the watch within four weeks as much as possible, and we will make an average of twelve weeks for antique watches with 80% possible repair. ‘

Pierre Maret, TAG Heuer Customer Service

Key constraints of after-sales service

   Despite many well-intentioned efforts by watch brands, they are still unable to speed up certain specific steps. Chopard has set up a 3,400-square-meter maintenance workshop in Miami, which effectively shortens the turnaround time for product maintenance. Since September 2013, this workshop has undertaken product maintenance work in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, which is undoubtedly praiseworthy. However, like other brands, testing-related work cannot be stopped halfway (such as the brand’s L.U.C 1.98 movement with four barrels), Chopard still faces the problem of being unable to meet short-term delivery.
   Usually the entire repair process requires two complete power reserve cycles, during which the watch’s accuracy is tested under different circumstances and time periods. Although watchmaking brands will use some means to speed up this process, such as the Panerai Luminor 8-day power reserve watch and Lange’s 31-day power reserve watch, it must be more powerful than the standard 42 hours in after-sales service. It takes more time to store the watch.

Chopard Miami Service Center

The future of after-sales service
  Finally, it should be pointed out that good after-sales service means finding the best way to deal with many different problems. Will the latter continue to evolve in the future? In absolute numbers, we can be sure: yes! The equation is very simple-the more watches on the market, the greater the need for after-sales service. In the short term, there is no need to face the problem of an absolute increase in a short period of time, and the delivery date of the after-sales service is still within a reasonable range. change.
   When it comes to service attitude, then the after-sales service can no longer be regarded as cost consumption. In fact, after-sales service (or more known as customer service) is an effective way to expand and close the brand’s connection with consumers and ensure consumer loyalty. However, this will mean that in the face of a large number of future after-sales service needs, brands need to recruit more watchmakers and develop systematic plans for the deployment of maintenance tools, transportation and logistics.
   Fortunately, others are eagerly awaited by consumers, and the reform of after-sales service is also in full swing. At present, two practical and complementary measures have surfaced. First, the brand group decided to integrate the entire after-sale activities and resources in one place, while saving rent and costs, it could also promote experience sharing, simplify work processes and improve overall service levels. Richemont Group adopts this solution and has a large after-sales service center in the Paris area to provide services to all watchmaking brands under the group.
   Another complementary trend is regional specialization. Franches-Montagnes (Franch Mountain, Jura, Switzerland) is preparing to join the market for competition and competition. Fundamentally, a reality that must be recognized is that in the development of watches and clocks, the Franche mountain range is still difficult to threaten the surrounding areas. At the same time, there is a lack of clear political determination and sufficient financial support. Nevertheless, it can make full use of its own talents and professional advantages. Logically, once Switzerland cannot meet the huge demand for after-sales service of watches in the near future, this will be the most recent and most competitive place to take over.

Updated: 30. October 2020 — 10:49
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