Zun Huang Antique Collection 100 Years Achievements

Since the founding of JUVENIA in 1860, he has always respected the concept of both watch decoration and perfect shape. And it continues to draw inspiration from life and nature, creating many breathtakingly elegant watches. In 1925, in the ‘Art Décoratifs’ exhibition in Paris, Zunhuang won the eye-catching prize of the watch altar—Decorative Arts Grand Prix, the highest honor in decorative design art. Zunhuang became a veritable art master in the Swiss watch industry. . In the history of 148 years of watch making, the designers of the Royal Watch ingeniously integrated some simple geometric figures, such as squares, hexagons, ovals, diamonds, etc. into the design of the case, together with enamel glaze and The watch’s diamond-inlaid technology is inspired by fireworks blooming everywhere, creating avant-garde and novel shapes at the time. The little charm, tradition and mystery accumulated by the emperor, as well as the state of aesthetics in which nothing is said, have achieved a force that touches the heart of collectors.

Painted fine silver ring watch developed in 1925
The unique artistic achievements of Zunhuang Watch made its antique clocks sought after by domestic and foreign collectors. Among the more than 1,000 domestic and foreign watch collections of the Palace Museum in China, there are also Zhuanghuang antique pocket watches used by the Qing Dynasty royal family. The emperor’s century-old artistic achievements are displayed in front of the world. These antique watches go beyond the function of recording time. Their unique artistic decoration details and exquisite craftsmanship have become the eternal condensate of culture and art in its birth time.
Since its establishment in 1860, JUVENIA Honor Watch has held a prominent position among the royal aristocracy, and has always enjoyed the reputation of perfection and extraordinary craftsmanship in the Swiss watch industry. In fact, Zunhuang Watch is one of the very few watchmaking brands in history that can be regarded as immortal in terms of movement manufacture, watch styling and production technology. Even in the 70s of the last century when Swiss watches were in trouble, Zunhuang Watch was still one of the few independent brands that did not rely on any consortium to maintain production and sales, and continued its tradition of fashion and nobility. Today, the Emperor Watch designer is constantly looking for inspiration from antique watches as art collections to design new models that contain the essence of brand culture and have the pioneering spirit of the times.
He inherited his enthusiasm and culture for the manufacture of watches and clocks. Zunhuang Watch has always insisted on sublimating to the never-ending artistic level, and determined to write a new milestone for the brand. Zunhuang strives to adhere to the belief of perfection, constantly drives the brand to the palace of top watch brands, and has continuously launched the annual unique collectors series since 2002, marking the source of strength and inspiration. The ingenious design and convincing quality make the artwork of the Emperor Series cherished by the world.
彩 Painted fine silver ring watch developed in 1925, with blue, green, yellow and other enamel painted fine silver cases, it looks gorgeous. These ingenious ring watches decorated with green, blue, yellow and other enamels reflect the excellent taste and superb skills of the watchmaking masters at the time, and they are a model of the avant-garde watch design of that era.

Gold-plated art deco clock developed in 1933
金 Gold-plated art deco clock developed in 1933, decorated with glass glaze, flowers painted patterns were the Art Deco art style prevailing in France at that time.

King’s Sports Watch produced in 1928
的 Zhonghuang sports watch produced in 1928. The silver case is painted with Chinese lacquer, decorated with 18K yellow gold and natural bluestone, the Chinese color glaze case is set with gold and white gold trim, and the gold-plated case is equipped with a champagne dial. Whenever the lid is unscrewed, the mainspring barrel is automatically rotated to automatically store three hours of power for the watch.

1918 watch
的 A wristwatch designed in 1918, with a clever combination of ovals and diamonds, the designer continued to innovate and use various forms to design a variety of styles, revealing the designer’s novelty and delicate thoughts. This watch is built with 15 jewel movements, lever escapement. Gold-plated case with gold inlay and silk satin strap.

18K gold pocket watch made in 1890
的 18K gold pocket watch manufactured in 1890, the dial is off the center of the sun shining design. Built-in 4 jewel column movements; key adjustment and winding. The output is only 12 pieces.
Left: Box clock designed in 1933 Right: Exquisite and compact box clock
的 A box-mounted clock designed in 1933. The gold-plated box cover is painted with 3 clouds in blue, black, and yellow enamel. The dial is painted with a portrait of a little angel, exuding classic elegance.
匣 The box clock decorated with green and black enamel paint is small and pleasant, and easy to carry, which was loved by the nobles of the time.
Table clock designed in 1928
From 1920 to 1950, the clock is arguably the most popular product among customers. Emperor designers like to decorate metal surfaces with painted enamel or other methods. For example, precious wood with fine inlays, or leather as a sheath.
设计 Designed in 1928, it is a travel clock in a gentleman’s green leather watch case, with the moon, day, week and moon phases displayed. Gold-plated case and dial; Roman numerals; eight-day movement driven by built-in 15 jewel levers added a lot of appeal to the family at the time.

Pocket watch made in 1936
的 A pocket watch made in 1936. 18K white gold and lapis lazuli case, the ring is set with diamonds; the upper and lower decorative patterns are composed of beautiful diamonds and emeralds. Mechanically engraved fine silver ‘steward’ dial; white gold charm.